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In Which I May Have Found My Cause

In Which I May Have Found My Cause

Alright.  I got a donut and a Starbucks misto with bold coffee and whole milk.  Baby is napping and this little blog needs some love.  So I imagine the next few posts will be recaps and reflections on the past little while. The past two Wednesdays I had the honor of speaking at Pepperdine University’s … Continue reading


I haven’t written because I feel a bit like I suck at life right now.  Do you ever have those times? Like, people who are good at life make sure to keep in touch with their friends, getting at least a text in there somehow. People who are good at life don’t fall so far … Continue reading

On Doing Hard Things

A little over three weeks ago, I ran a half marathon on a toe I had injured the week prior.  Since the week between the toe injury and the race went well, I did what lots of crazy runner types do–taped it, took some ibprofen, and figured I’d deal with the rest at the finish … Continue reading

Steps of Faith

Is this your first? In the past 2.5 weeks, I’ve been asked five times.  Always by strangers, of course.  Once was a door-to-door vaccuum salesman for Kirby.  (Those things are impressive!  I didn’t know what I was getting into when I let them in, and I had been home all week while Curtis was at … Continue reading



I sat on the patio at Peet’s/Noah’s on South Lake in Pasadena, one of my happy places.  It was 71 and sunny, as it should be on February 4th in L.A.  The Santa Ana’s had just come through, so the view of the mountains was as unobstructed as possible. While Flop snuffled for bagel crumbs, … Continue reading

A Rant and A Book

Friends, I’m gonna be in a book.  To be clear:  I’m not writing a book.  Far from it. But my friend Sarah Joy is creating a book and she invited me to write one of the essays in it. A latecomer to the project, I have about a week to craft an essay that I’m … Continue reading

Misquoting Mother Theresa

Misquoting Mother Theresa

There are things we say about God and faith that do not come from the Bible itself and that are true nevertheless.  Think about the lyrics to our worship songs or good writing on faith-related topics, for instance. There are also things we say about God and faith that do not come from the Bible … Continue reading

The Stuff You Don’t See

I sometimes write about grieving now; I’m embracing that.  Even though I don’t think of this as a personal blog per se, it’s still bound to be a reflection of myself, just because I’m the writer.  Plus, I’m personally of the opinion that a blog is only as good as it is authentic. Recently, several people have … Continue reading


The past few days have been about detaching. Detaching is my made-up term for part of grieving. I only know my grief, and I am rather inexperienced with the subject on the whole.  But I imagine that what I’ve been experiencing is shared by others in their own way. So what I have been calling … Continue reading