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Fear and Freedom, part 3

Read part 1 and part 2 to catch up. Beth (Moore, but I feel like we are on to first names now) defines bondage as anything that keeps up from the life God has for us.  Some of those things are small and some are big.  Sometimes we break free pretty easily by connecting with … Continue reading

Fear and Freedom, part 2

Last Monday I started therapy after spending nearly a decade with the involuntary fear brought on by PTSD.  Read part 1 here. During the fall of my senior year of college, I studied Spanish in Costa Rica, living with a host family, walking to the National University Monday to Thursday, then traveling through the country … Continue reading

Fear and Freedom, part 1

Last Monday, I started therapy. Therapy is important, even essential at times. And yet, starting it, and telling others that you go (if you decide to tell) feels vulnerable. Strong-vulnerable, but vulnerable nonetheless. The story of therapy starts about 6 months ago with a southern drawlin’, big haired, ‘girlfriend let me tell you what’ experience.  … Continue reading

Why you should break Lent on Sundays

At work we’ve had some friendly disagreements about the way we look at Lenten fasts (Lenten Fast = fancy Christian word for choosing to sacrifice something from Ash Wednesday to Easter.  It may be an abstention, like from a favorite food, or it may be a gift, like offering your time to a cause.) Yes, … Continue reading

Your Sisters’ Birthday

Your Sisters’ Birthday

I suppose the first post about our new baby should be full of happiness.  It will be.  This is not about him.  Something else happened to come first. Dear Riley, Just shy of a year ago, in the grey days when all we could do was sit or walk slowly around the block, your daddy … Continue reading

It’s Good Friday

It’s Good Friday

  Today is a day to tell disease it cannot claim us to tell oppressors to back down to tell violence that its hand is weakening. Today is a day to tell depression that its grip must slaken. ~ And disease will scoff, and oppressors will mock. Violence will laugh wickedly, while depression attempts to … Continue reading

Stand- Chapel Talk Video

Stand- Chapel Talk Video

I’ve told you that I spoke in chapel a few weeks ago, stepping in unexpectedly when a dear friend of our university community passed away.  They record our chapel time, so the video came out this past week, and I’ve included it below. Let me say, dear reader/viewer, that I apologize for how much I … Continue reading

Stand…part 3 of 3

I spoke to our university students in chapel last Wednesday.  This is part 3 of the message I wrote for them.  Read part 1 and part 2 … All other writing on losing the girls can be seen by clicking the tag ‘grief,’ above. Ten weeks ago my daughters died.  And I could hear the music enticing me to bow.  … Continue reading

Stand…part 2 of 3

I spoke in chapel last week, on losing the girls, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego, and what I’ve been learning these past two months.  Read part 1 first, and here is part 2… We have no idea what went wrong.  It was unpredictable, a fluke.  And we’re never going to know why.  So for the past … Continue reading

Stand…part 1 of 3

I spoke in chapel at our university last Wednesday, filling in for the man who was scheduled.  He was a beloved member of our university community, and passed away suddenly last week.  Here’s what I said to our students.  I’ll post it in three parts, to keep the length manageable. I am supposed to be 29 … Continue reading