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Just Another Lent Post

I hope by now you’ve read something good about Lent.  The best reflection I read this year was from The Fog Blog.  It just covered all the basics so well. My all time favorite Lent Sermon, the one that started me observing Lent in the first place was from Ash Wednesday 2003, by Telford Work, … Continue reading

The Stuff You Don’t See

I sometimes write about grieving now; I’m embracing that.  Even though I don’t think of this as a personal blog per se, it’s still bound to be a reflection of myself, just because I’m the writer.  Plus, I’m personally of the opinion that a blog is only as good as it is authentic. Recently, several people have … Continue reading

Hope: Quote-Worthy Wednesdays

Welcome to Wednesdays, where I use too many w’s to introduce one simple idea:  there are wonderful, wise words that others have written and said.  And I want to pass them on. One card we received included an excerpt from this quote.  I instantly fell in love with it. Hope is not insane optimism in … Continue reading



By compassion we make others’ misery our own, and so, by relieving them we relieve ourselves also.  –Thomas Browne, Sr. In September, I wrote about compassion fatigue–the way it can be hard for us to maintain concern for people in pain throughout the world without become overwhelmed.  I also reposted a letter from Juli at the … Continue reading