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Not Your Grandma’s Baby Shower

Not Your Grandma’s Baby Shower

If you’ve been a reader for a bit, you likely know that I have a thing about intergenerational relationships.  Research increasingly points to this wonderful dynamic of mixing across the ages as a key to lifelong faith for adolescents.  What’s more, any of us in the older generations (doesn’t matter how much older) benefit as well.  And … Continue reading

Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

About two and a half weeks ago, a huge group from our church ran a half marathon for clean water with Team World Vision.  For those who participated, it was a transformational experience.  When you give yourself over to a cause for several months in a row, when you strive for change not just  for  a … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Tables

A Tale of Two Tables from Fuller Youth Institute on Vimeo. One of the major themes from the research behind the Sticky Faith movement is the importance of intergenerational relationships.  The more young people experience life and faith with people outside of their own peers, the better they fare when they move beyond high school. … Continue reading