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Everyday Advocate:  Serve One Day

Everyday Advocate: Serve One Day

One thing I’ve learned by working in affluent communities is that just because there is wealth does not men there isn’t also need.  That need, more often than not, though, is hidden.  Hidden by manicured lawns and nails and designer everything from dogs to jeans to births. And so you have to go looking for … Continue reading

Why Student Leadership?

Because 2 of my students sat in the cafeteria for 3 lunch hours and got 100 people to give blood at a Red Cross drive we’re hosting this week. Think anyone would have stopped to sign up if I was at that table?  (Hint:  not really.)  But peers have an ‘in’; especially when the ones … Continue reading

One-Time Service Events: Five Considerations

One theme we cover with our student staff is not-so-deep service vs. deep justice, from Deep Justice in a Broken World.  One of the contrasting pairings in the framework is: Not-so-deep service is an event.  Deep justice is a lifestyle. Not two weeks after we covered this concept, our office hosted a one-time service event. … Continue reading