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The Election: Not Really Over

The Election: Not Really Over

This election season, I’ve been more tuned in and engaged than ever before, reading news items, listening to commentary.  I didn’t know the word pundit until now.  I’ve also been ready for it to be over for quite a while now, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. Thing is, it’s not over after … Continue reading

This Week at School…

We talked about politics. Last Wednesday, our student executive board hosted an all-staff training that looked at some ballot initiatives that relate to our office’s main four focus areas.  This Wednesday, we followed up on the same in another meeting.  And on the Friday in between, in a small group I’m leading, we looked at … Continue reading

A Response to Trillia Newbell’s “Why This Black Christian No Longer Toes the Democratic Party Line”

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog featured a piece yesterday from Trillia Newbell about her shift away from the Democratic platform–a bi-product largely of the black voting tradition–towards voting on the issues in accordance with her Christian faith.  For Newbell, and many other Christians, this means she is an idependent, and looks at several controversial issues through … Continue reading