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Affluenza Indeed

The macro-level logic of the affluenza defense claims that if something outside of the defendant stunted their moral development, something they didn’t choose, something beyond their control, then they are not longer responsible for the poor moral choices they make.  Heck, they’re practically a victim. While many of us roll our eyes in disgust at … Continue reading

Privilege Guilt

Privilege, privilege everywhere.  Maybe I am becoming over sensitive.  Maybe I was blind before, given that I am a beneficiary of white privilege, educational privilege, western privilege, and so on…  So now I see it where I didn’t before, although it was there all along, like how you see strollers everywhere after having a baby, … Continue reading

Calling Foul

Calling Foul

Last week I read the honest and thoughtful words of Bethany, a writer I’ve been following since January.  In that terrible month when I lost my girls, she lost her mother, who had breast cancer. And now it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when we cover the world with pink ribbons.  Hopefully we do so … Continue reading

What is Social Justice?

This weekend at church, my husband Curtis was on a panel for our sermon, answering questions submitted by our church community alongside two of our other pastors.  One question he prepared to answer was what is social justice? Our church is large, and we have a lot of varied opinions in our community on everything: … Continue reading


We are constantly encouraging our students to ask good questions, to explore the answers, and be informed and shaped in the process. But then I catch myself sitting comfortably with my established opinions–about faith, politics, why certain things are how they are, and probably worst of all, about people. This week has been about questioning, … Continue reading