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Loving Your Neighbor

A good friend from college is expecting a baby this summer.  Since she lives in Guatemala, and I am sending some students to serve with her work over spring break, I asked if I could send some things down with them. As we arranged things, she suggested I write about this dynamic: “Sometimes social justice … Continue reading

What is Social Justice?

This weekend at church, my husband Curtis was on a panel for our sermon, answering questions submitted by our church community alongside two of our other pastors.  One question he prepared to answer was what is social justice? Our church is large, and we have a lot of varied opinions in our community on everything: … Continue reading


When I started this blog, I worked in Malibu.  This would seem to pose problems, or at least questions about how one engages with social justice. Working in Malibu taught me to see opportunity that I may have missed otherwise, probably because I had to look harder for it. For instance, a preschool in town … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Occupy Asks, Where to Pee?

One of my students came in this week as as if I’d seen the L.A. Times piece on the Occupy movement and homelessness.  I had not, and she proceeded to inform me that for many protestors, the experience of residing outside in public spaces was creating a learning experience of sorts.  They were understanding a … Continue reading

Making the World Right

This weekend, my husband Curtis preached his first sermon in ‘big church.’ In my humble, totally unbiased opinion, it was wonderful.  I’ve excerpted a portion of it here, along with Brooke Fraser’s Crows and Locusts, which was the song the worship team did right before he began.   We are God’s Plan A and there … Continue reading

Workshop Idea: The Middle Matters

I’d love for this blog to be a place where resources are shared.  Our team works hard to train our student staff as peer leaders, social justice advocates, and community partners.  So I’d love to offer you the materials of one of our workshops that explored faith and social justice called “The Middle Matters.”   … Continue reading

Ser and Estar

A few weeks ago, when we spent the night at a mission on Skid Row, I noticed that the packet for the group leader said something like, Thank you for taking time to better understand the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness. It struck me instantly for one main reason.  Usually, we say those who … Continue reading

This night, last night.

This night, last night.

Today I woke up and walked Flop around the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful, clear morning, and since we are surrounded by preserved land, there are green trees and brown hills (sometimes they’re green hills, but goodness knows not in this heat) where ever you look.  It was totally quiet, save for the birds. Yesterday … Continue reading

4 Reasons I Heart TOMS

1.  They are very clear that they are a business.  TOMS does not pretend to be an NGO or a community development agency.  I appreciate this, because I know so many people who are working on the ground for the holistic empowerment of people in developing countries, and pretending to do what they do would be cheap. … Continue reading