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Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith

Fuller Youth Institute is currently rolling out a series called Sticky Faith Every Day: 8 weeks of noticing God more.  The curriculum focuses on engaging in spiritual practices for oneself, a vital experience for sticky faith that is often lost in the everyday lives of teenagers (and adults too if we’re honest.) Along with the … Continue reading

Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Myself

About two and a half weeks ago, a huge group from our church ran a half marathon for clean water with Team World Vision.  For those who participated, it was a transformational experience.  When you give yourself over to a cause for several months in a row, when you strive for change not just  for  a … Continue reading

Church Field Trips

The world did not stop, and important stuff like lifelong faith is as good a place to remember that as any. Part three of my three part series on helping youth group seniors transition to college is over at the StickyFaith.org blog today.  Just click the link to read it.  And, for obvious reasons, I … Continue reading

Guest Blog at StickyFaith.org

Today, I’m a guest blogger over at the Fuller Youth Institute’s Sticky Faith blog.  I’ve written a three post series on some things our church did to prepare graduating seniors for the college transition.  Thanks for checking it out!

A Tale of Two Tables

A Tale of Two Tables from Fuller Youth Institute on Vimeo. One of the major themes from the research behind the Sticky Faith movement is the importance of intergenerational relationships.  The more young people experience life and faith with people outside of their own peers, the better they fare when they move beyond high school. … Continue reading