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Easy as Takeout: An Update

This is the Sunday Times, where we take a look at justice themed news stories that made the headlines recently. Last week my Sunday Times post talked about how online ordering, through social media sites like Backpage.com, make it incredibly easy for sex traffickers in the U.S. to sell girls.  I was passing along the … Continue reading

Easy as Takeout: Sunday Times

Easy as Takeout: Sunday Times

Online ordering is a ‘wave of the future;’ an easy option for delivery without even the hassle of a phone conversation. But of course, you just thought of ordering pizza or take-out from some other favorite restaurant. What about ordering something else?  Say, girls for sex? Apparently, it’s not only possible, it’s prevalent, something I … Continue reading

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

Here’s a list of three totally unrelated things I felt like sharing today.  Usually this is when I write the ‘Sunday Times’–a segment of commentary on a news article.  I kinda get there in #3, so I’m calling it good. 1.  It’s cold and icky out.  So Flop is doing this… When it gets warm … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Bootstraps

Sunday Times: Bootstraps

In the United States, we love bootstraps. We love the old west ruggedness they connote.  We love the independence of the idiom.  We love to pull ourselves up by them. A huge part of our understanding of what makes the United States such a desirable place to make a life is the ability any one person has … Continue reading

College Matters? Majorly.

There is a script in U.S. culture that many young people have memorized.  “You have to go to college because that’s how you get a good job.  There just aren’t as many opportunities without a degree.” On the whole, it’s hard to say this isn’t true, although when you start to nuance things, it is … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Occupy Asks, Where to Pee?

One of my students came in this week as as if I’d seen the L.A. Times piece on the Occupy movement and homelessness.  I had not, and she proceeded to inform me that for many protestors, the experience of residing outside in public spaces was creating a learning experience of sorts.  They were understanding a … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Compassion Fatigue

I hope you’ll indulge that I read Nicholas Kristof a lot, and because of the themes of his pieces, share them here.  But they’re so good, I can’t help it. His piece today on the famine in Somalia and it’s terrible effects highlighted in particular the violence many experience as they flee to Kenya.  Robbery … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Unspeakability

What if something that defined your family story, an event that made you who you are today, was possibly rooted in a severe injustice?  What would you do next?  Would you speak openly about your fears, doubts and questions?  Or would you let it be, knowing that certainty may not be possible and that speaking is painful? … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Master’s = New Bachelors?

As I caught up with a family friend last week, she mentioned that her recent college grad is about to, “start looking for employment.  At least that’s my story for her.  She may have a different one if you ask her.”  And indeed she may, since the trend is towards the Master’s as the new Bachelor’s, … Continue reading

Sunday Times: Evangelicals Without Blowhards

Don’t look at me for that title–it came from Nicolas Kristof’s op-ed a few weeks ago.  I enjoy Kristof’s pieces, particularly because he is attuned to issues of injustice.  For instance, he recently traveled with International Justice Mission to India and observed their work with girls who are victims of sex slavery. So when I … Continue reading