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On Ferguson, a list.

This is me, extending my hand towards Ferguson. (At least, I drafted it with this community in mind. Then it sat for weeks and weeks. I scheduled it before the Eric Garner decision was announced. But I’m too sad, angry and confused to fold thoughts about that into this. So I will let this stay … Continue reading

Privilege Guilt

Privilege, privilege everywhere.  Maybe I am becoming over sensitive.  Maybe I was blind before, given that I am a beneficiary of white privilege, educational privilege, western privilege, and so on…  So now I see it where I didn’t before, although it was there all along, like how you see strollers everywhere after having a baby, … Continue reading

Privilege and Parenting

I have been reflecting on privilege  recently, especially since I’ve had this little boy.  He is the epitome of privilege -white, male, parents (and grandparents) with greater than college level degrees, one of which comes from a premier institution. Born into a family in a wealthy, modernized country.  That family has reliable transportation at all times.  And a … Continue reading