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Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith

Fuller Youth Institute is currently rolling out a series called Sticky Faith Every Day: 8 weeks of noticing God more.  The curriculum focuses on engaging in spiritual practices for oneself, a vital experience for sticky faith that is often lost in the everyday lives of teenagers (and adults too if we’re honest.) Along with the … Continue reading

Workshop Idea: The Middle Matters

I’d love for this blog to be a place where resources are shared.  Our team works hard to train our student staff as peer leaders, social justice advocates, and community partners.  So I’d love to offer you the materials of one of our workshops that explored faith and social justice called “The Middle Matters.”   … Continue reading

Because I love free books…

and I love Fuller Youth Institute, and because Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids has officially come out, I wanted to re-post a great little giveaway at StickyFaith.org.  Actually, also on the list of reasons is:  because I had my wisdom teeth out this morning and original thoughts getting from … Continue reading

One-Time Service Events: Five Considerations

One theme we cover with our student staff is not-so-deep service vs. deep justice, from Deep Justice in a Broken World.  One of the contrasting pairings in the framework is: Not-so-deep service is an event.  Deep justice is a lifestyle. Not two weeks after we covered this concept, our office hosted a one-time service event. … Continue reading

This night, last night.

This night, last night.

Today I woke up and walked Flop around the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful, clear morning, and since we are surrounded by preserved land, there are green trees and brown hills (sometimes they’re green hills, but goodness knows not in this heat) where ever you look.  It was totally quiet, save for the birds. Yesterday … Continue reading